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Screen Print Artwork Submission

Oct. 16, 2015

Screen Print Artwork Submission Guidelines

Are you an artist?  We love working with artists that are passionate about T-shirts.

At Color 3 Embroidery Inc. we have an in house artist that will help you create the perfect T-shirt design.  As long as you have an idea, we will help you create a unique tee.  So go ahead and send your bitmap, jpeg, tiff, png, pdf, ai, eps, and psd files.

For those with more than an idea, the following is a list of Color 3 guidelines for submitting artwork for t-shirt printing:

1.  Use Adobe Illustrator CS6 if possible.  .ai or .eps format

2.  Review your artwork (spell check) – No brainer right?  You’d be surprised.

3.  Work with spot colors or the Color 3 Stock Colors palette for perfect color match and to eliminate unwanted surprises.

4.  Convert your fonts to Outlines.

5.  Create your artwork at the actual size.

              A full front print is usually around 12.5″ wide by 13”  tall.

              A full front for youth sizes is around 9″.

6.  Do not stress over layers or color separations – we will do that for you.

In order to make your artwork look the same on the shirt as it does on your monitor a screen printer must control the printing press, the mesh in the screens, and the inks. All of these variables can drastically affect the output of the particular design. Each of these variables are different in each print shop. At Color 3 our graphic artists have the experience needed to know how to best separate the colors. If your artwork has layers or color separations, then most likely our artist will redo the separations to ensure success.

7.  If you use layers – Group your vector objects together.

8.  Summarize and provide a graphic on shirt representation. Give your customer service rep a general overview of how you want your shirt to look and how you have created your artwork.

9.  Submit artwork with six or less spot colors.

10.  The thinnest lines should not be less than 1.0 point.

11.  Fonts should be no smaller than 12 point if you want to be able to read them on your shirt.

12.  If using Photoshop, then make sure your minimum resolution is 300dpi at 100% of actual print size.

13. Most importantly, if you have any questions on how to best setup your file, feel free to call or email us and a representative would be happy to give you a hand.


SanMar PSST Program


Color 3 is proud, in cooperation with SanMar, the nation's premier supplier of wholesale apparel and accessories, to participate in Pack Separately. Ship Together., a program that allows us to streamline our processes for better efficiency. As a result, we're able to pass along savings to you.

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Thank you for all the shirts you did for us at the ISA show. They look fantastic. I really appreciate knowing that you guys always pull it off in such a professional way. I can always count on you, which is HUGE in this business.

- Candi Mutz, Corporate Sales @ Arborwear
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