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Color3 Embroidery

Frequent Questions

What information should I include on my Purchase Order?

More is better! Orders process quickly when you have as much information as possible up front. Include items such as:

Design Description, Ink or Thread Color, Placement

Garment Item #, Color, Size and Supplier including quantity breakdown by size

Ship/Due Date, Ship to Address, Shipping Method & 3rd party account number

Where should I send my Purchase Orders and Artwork?

We have made that easy for you as well, just email the information to the appropriate address below:

Embroidery & Laser Purchase Orders: [email protected]

Embroidery & Laser Artwork: [email protected]

Screen Print Orders & Artwork: [email protected]

Do you have embroidery minimums?

No, we don’t. Sometimes you can’t control what the client wants. So why should we penalize you? We give you what you and your client need…without a hassle.

What if I need samples before embroidery production?

Spec samples are just another way we help you help your clients. They are billed with the entire job on a per piece rate. No additional fees…no hassle.

What is 212°?

According to science, at 211°, water is hot. At 212°, it boils, creating steam which can move a locomotive. At Color 3, we believe in always putting forth the extra effort and always going the extra degree.

What can I expect as far as over or under runs?

We run exactly what you ordered everytime. Zero spoilage is our goal with every order no matter how large or small.

Turn around time?

Our normal turn around time is 7-10 days. But let us know if you have a specific date so we can schedule it to ship on time for you. Just another service to keep your experience with Color 3… hassle free.

Where are you located?

We are located in the Mahoning Valley of Ohio. We are centrally located between Cleveland and Pittsburgh and are within a 1-2 day UPS ship time to a majority of the Midwest and all of the east coast. Every piece we sew or print is produced right here in the United States by individuals, just like you, who take pride in their workmanship.

SanMar PSST Program


Color 3 is proud, in cooperation with SanMar, the nation's premier supplier of wholesale apparel and accessories, to participate in Pack Separately. Ship Together., a program that allows us to streamline our processes for better efficiency. As a result, we're able to pass along savings to you.

212 Degrees

Can Always Count on You

Thank you for all the shirts you did for us at the ISA show. They look fantastic. I really appreciate knowing that you guys always pull it off in such a professional way. I can always count on you, which is HUGE in this business.

- Candi Mutz, Corporate Sales @ Arborwear
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