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“Casual Friday”

May. 07, 2015

90’s Throwback: “Casual Friday”

Many of us remember the office environment of the 90’s. Anyone worth their weight in a professional setting had high heel shoes, pantyhose, pin strip suits and the red power tie in their arsenal of apparel for at least 4 days of the week. If you were lucky enough to work for a “progressive” company, you were permitted the coveted “Casual Friday” which meant you could work in something that did not choke you or hurt your feet all day for appearances sake.  It was a competitive edge in the employment marketplace for the 90’s. (As a matter of fact, that is one of the reasons I started Color 3 Embroidery, but I will save that thought for another time)

Today, many companies still offer Casual Fridays, or better yet dress “business casual” every day. Yes, my personal preference falls on the casual side of an everyday wardrobe but here some facts for you:

90% of all US companies have casual day of some kind

– 1/3 of all companies allow casual clothing every day
– More than 40% of all companies have expanded their casual dress options in the last 10 years

Casual wear Business wear Human Resources Survey:
– 87% – improves morale
– 81% – perceived by employees as a benefit
– 51% – employees save money because of casual dress
– 47% – improves productivity

Given the chance, 96% of employees take advantage of dressing casual. 96%!!!!!

Why not give 96% of your employees the opportunity to dress casual AND turn them into walking branded advertisements for your company too?!

What employees said
– 81% – improves morale
– 57% – I’m judged now more on my performance than appearance
– 57% – better camaraderie with managers and co-workers
– 51% – do best work when casually dressed
– 43% – boss is more approachable

46% reported that if they were offered two equal positions, the employer who offered casual days every day would get preference.

If your clients have a business casual policy of any kind, they should be taking full advantage and build a branded apparel program for their employees.  The benefits will improve their culture and their bottom line.


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Hats off to your Team!

Our group was very impressed with the hats and shirts. They left for Texas with smiles on their faces and wearing the new hats. You guys make ME look good.

- Chris Witt, Catalog Manager @ Cintas
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