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Screen Print Definitions

Jan. 14, 2016

Screen Print Definitions: A guide to help you navigate through the world of ink A .ai: an Adobe Illustrator file. Artwork: Common term for an image or text that will be used for printing. Automatic Press: A screen printing press in which the printing and the operation of the machine is accomplished through the use of electric […]

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Embroidery Definitions

Dec. 14, 2015

Embroidery Definitions: A Helpful Guide to Understanding Embroidery Jargon A 3D Foam: Foam that is used to add dimension to an embroidery pattern that is typically used on caps. The 3D Foam is placed on the topside of the pattern and stitched over with shortened stitches to cut the Foam. The excessive foam is then pulled […]

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A Plea from a Digitizer

Nov. 14, 2015

A Plea from a Digitizer – Don’t Make Me Be the Bad Guy  by NeedleUp Digitizing Sometimes you just have to say “No” – Embroidery Digitizing All kidding aside, nobody wants to turn a customer away or tell them “No” but there are times when being honest about what they’re asking for is better than […]

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SanMar PSST Program


Color 3 is proud, in cooperation with SanMar, the nation's premier supplier of wholesale apparel and accessories, to participate in Pack Separately. Ship Together., a program that allows us to streamline our processes for better efficiency. As a result, we're able to pass along savings to you.

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Above and Beyond

"You have gone above and beyond the standard of what is expected. You have been extremely accommodating, especially in the instance of two different rush orders we placed. We were extremely impressed...

- Jay Martin, VP Operations @ ipsec
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