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Click to watch 212According to science, at 211°, water is hot. At 212°, it boils, creating steam which can move a locomotive. At Color 3, we believe in always putting forth the extra effort and always going the extra degree.

“The service that my company receives from Color 3 Embroidery is quite simply second to none. I have used other trade-only embroiders in the past and now that I am using Color 3, I would find it hard to go back. In fact, Color 3 has actually helped my business in several ways – this includes things like rush orders, its receiving reports when items come in and its ability to not ‘nickel and dime’ me for things like thread changes. The pricing I receive is very competitive and allows me to at least make a decent margin in a ‘tight’ industry. I know that if I really need something, Color 3 employees will make every attempt to have it ready when they say they will. The quality of workmanship and pride put into each garment is impressive, not to mention the attention to detail and the following of instructions.”

Brian Governor, President

P&W Marketing Inc. – Youngstown, Ohio

“The service we receive from Color 3 has been first-rate. The employees do a great job at tracking jobs with us and make adjustments to orders along the way. Whether it is a short ship from a blank supplier or a change in shipping method, its friendly service team makes all the necessary changes. Color 3 enables us to go contact clients and guarantee turn around times, which often meet or exceed clients’ expectations.”

Cavanaugh Marketing Services

Pittsburgh, PA

“Color 3 is one of only 3 or 4 suppliers, out of approximately 1,200, that I am confident when they say they will get a job done, they will. Unfortunately, in our industry, that is only half that battle. Color 3 helps us win the war by not only producing the job on-time, they do so at the highest quality. They provide quality service, 99+% on-time, 99+% accurate…what more could you ask for.”

Dan Stockman

Pittsburgh, PA

SanMar PSST Program


Color 3 is proud, in cooperation with SanMar, the nation's premier supplier of wholesale apparel and accessories, to participate in Pack Separately. Ship Together., a program that allows us to streamline our processes for better efficiency. As a result, we're able to pass along savings to you.

212 Degrees

Hats off to your Team!

Our group was very impressed with the hats and shirts. They left for Texas with smiles on their faces and wearing the new hats. You guys make ME look good.

- Chris Witt, Catalog Manager @ Cintas
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Finding an exceptional screen printer and embroiderer can be tough.

At times you might be asking yourself, "Is this as good as it gets? Would the grass be greener with a different vendor?" We're here to tell you, "Sometimes the grass IS greener, and we can prove it." Please fill in the fields below and we will provide you with more information on our Customer Transition Program.

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